Who Are We And What Do We Do?

In 2007 I retired as a senior faculty member of a well known UK university and with the help of other 2 serving and 1 retired supervisors I started off this NGO a like service for the students who are intelligent and bright ones in their respect courses but due to the below mentioned problems: ESL problems, less competitive writing skills, lack of research material.

They find it impossible to win a degree in one go.

It has been three years since we officially started to serve students with 2:1 standard dissertations to pass their course and win the degree. Currently we have over 100 writers retired/serving professionals in UK universities and after plenty of academic writings experience they have doled out more than 30,000 students round the globe while most of these students are from UK.

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Our Story

It was some time in 2006 when my university announced the dissertation schedule and outlines for the students of my department. Just like any other tutor I was expecting my course pupils to progress brilliant in this significant stage of their academic lives.

Similarly amongst my course pupils there was one very distinguished student who had always scored 1st class in her projects and assignments and ultimately I expected something great coming out of her intelligence. She started to discuss her dissertation pattern and the focus of her research title, research methodology etc with me. After the approval on her proposal from the ethical committee she had started to show me the work partially and no one was doubtful on her 1st class dissertation.
But on her way back to home from the city center she was hit by an over speeding car and was taken straight to the hospital, she was totally unable to attend her classes or meetings with me and her date of submission for the final dissertation was getting closer and closer, that was the time when I had to decide to write for her and save her to suffer from another great tragedy.

Her dissertation scored great and she deserved that.
This made me think over and over again about the formation of such a helping hand that serves the needy students no matter what stays the reason of need!!

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Who are the people working on your order?


We are 3 heads of the service and have various professional and highly qualified writers who write these dissertations.

Our aim is to integrate a high quality dissertation that is why we have set-up different groups of writers. These groups are distinguished on the basis of their academic qualification. As we have a set-up of writers who are in a group of business oriented area of research, similarly we have another group of writers who are specifically dedicated to the areas of medical psychology and medical sciences.

There are many groups of writers that have a set-up of writers working in them and each group is equipped with PHD level writers who lead or head the group.

Editors and proof readers

This is the department of professional writers who work on the completed dissertation. Yes, they work on your completed dissertation by making sure that none of the previously written dissertations in our database have any influence or copy pasting in your dissertation. They are also responsible if any kind of a grammatical or structural error is found by you after the final delivery.

Friendly and responsive customer support representatives

Unlike most of the support representatives we have had a tradition of deeply concerned and connective representatives. They are trained and instructed by professionals who aim to satisfy customers in any possible way. They are highly motivated and committed to lend a hand of help through out every day and night (24/7) to effectively propose a resolution to your problems.

Quality management cell

This cell is consisted of the most senior writers of the groups i.e. the group leaders. Once the document passes editing and proof reading process it is transferred for final touches which include the checking of plagiarism in the document and assurance of the fact that the document is going with the instructions and specifications you have mentioned.

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Below is defined in bullets how does this dissertation writing service operates and handle your order.

A suitable writer is allotted to the order according to the academic area of research, instructions and specifications of the customers.

The writer starts off by getting connected with the customer.

Partially the work progress is shown by the writer during the process on fixed schedules or on requests from the customer as well.

The final draft is then handed over to Editors and proofreaders group who check the dissertation work for further improvements or existing errors. The next station for finalizing of your dissertation is the Quality management cell that brings certainty to the fact that there is no:

A. Plagiarism in the document
B. Not copied from previous dissertation data
C. Latest references and recent research is adopted
D. Academic journals are given preferences
E. Instructions of the customers are clearly reflecting in the dissertation.


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